MIREME Permanent Secretary Teodoro Vales acknowledged that thousands of people in Africa practiced artisanal mining, with considerable impact on the production of gems, precious metals, and building materials in the region.

However, Vales pointed out, it was necessary to secure some income for the countries involved from this growth.

“It is necessary to find a mechanism to capture the revenue from this activity,” he said.

The Regional Workshop on Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in the Southern African Region, at which Vales was speaking, brings together 45 participants from countries in the region, including representatives of sovereign geological services.

“We are concerned that the contribution of this production to the state coffers is insignificant in Mozambique, while illegality and informality persist in the sector.”

To address the situation, MIREME is developing actions to mitigate the negative impact of small-scale artisanal mining through a census of artisanal miners designed to collect statistical data on the activity in Mozambique, as well as investigate smuggling in order to stop the illegal trafficking of minerals.



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