Friday, July 12, 2024

AIMO recognized at CTA’s year-end business gala

The Industrial Association of Mozambique (AIMO) received the prestigious Certificate of Recognition at the closing event of the activities promoted by the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA). The event, which took place in one of Mozambique’s hotels, brought together leading figures and businesspeople from various private sectors and aimed to highlight the fundamental role played by AIMO in the development of Mozambican industry.

The closing event promoted by the CTA provided a unique opportunity to celebrate and recognize the hard and dedicated work of the Industrial Association of Mozambique, which has been tireless in its pursuit of the growth and development of Mozambican industry. Through innovative initiatives, defending business interests and promoting policies favorable to the industrial sector, AIMO has played a key role in Mozambique’s economic advancement.

During the event, the various contributions of the Industrial Association of Mozambique were presented, from facilitating business partnerships and attracting foreign investment to promoting best practices and strengthening local entrepreneurship. Through these initiatives, AIMO has worked hard to foster a favorable business environment and ensure the sustainable growth of Mozambican industry.

The award of the Certificate of Recognition to the Industrial Association of Mozambique is testimony to its ongoing commitment to the country’s economic development. Through the establishment of strategic partnerships, collaboration with other entities and the promotion of best practices, the Association has been a catalyst for the growth of Mozambican industry, boosting job creation, increasing productivity and contributing to economic diversification.

The Industrial Association of Mozambique thanks CTA for the honor of receiving this certificate and its members, partners and collaborators for their continued support and dedication. We pledge to remain committed to developing a strong and prosperous industry in Mozambique, working together with all stakeholders to drive growth and innovation.

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