Friday, July 12, 2024

Carbon Markets: Esperança Bias advocates greater access to finance for developing countries

The President of the Portuguese Parliament, Esperança Bias, recently argued that there should be greater access to funding for developing countries, within the scope of carbon markets, in order to make it possible to create infrastructures that are resilient to the impact of climate change.

Speaking during an event on the theme “Environment, Climate Change and the Role of Parliament”, which took place in Kampala, Uganda, the official, quoted in a publication published on Monday, January 8, by the newspaper O País, said that Mozambique has already approved the National Energy Transition Strategy, the aim of which is to enable the sustainable use of resources to prevent and combat climate change.

“With regard to Mozambique’s climate change commitments, in 2022 the country approved the Regulation for the Operationalization of the Integrated Platform for the Dissemination and Communication of Flood and Cyclone Warning Information, and joined the African carbon market initiative,” she said.

According to Esperança Bias, Parliament, together with the government, has been making its contribution by creating and approving various legal instruments in favor of development and the mitigation of natural disasters, making room for improving the population’s quality of life.

Esperança Bias’ advocacy for greater access to finance for developing countries in the carbon markets reflects Mozambique’s commitment to tackling the challenges of climate change and promoting sustainable development. With the country’s active participation in initiatives such as the African carbon markets, Mozambique is positioned to make significant progress in the fight against climate change and in building a more resilient future.

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