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Insurance companies in Mozambique: A guide to making strategic decisions for your business

In today’s business world, security and risk prevention are crucial components for the sustainable success of any business. In Mozambique, where the business landscape is as diverse as it is challenging, the role of insurance in companies is even more important.

The insurance market in Mozambique is varied, presenting multiple options for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. From property insurance to civil liability coverage, choosing the right insurance can be a complex task. In this context, a detailed analysis of the insurance market and its offerings becomes indispensable for any business wishing to prosper and protect itself against unforeseen events.

With the aim of guiding entrepreneurs in choosing the most suitable insurance for their needs, this article presents a comprehensive overview of the insurance market in Mozambique.

list of insurance companies

Arko Insurance CompanyAustral Insurance Britam – insurance company of MozambiqueDiamond Insurance Mozambican Insurance Company (EMOSE)Unparalleled loyalty Global Alliance Hollard Mozambique Horizonte Insurance Imperial InsuranceIndico InsuranceMozambique Insurance CompanyPalma Insurance Company Phoenix insurance company of Mozambique.

Arko Insurance Company

Arko is a company that has been operating in the country since 2017, offering coverage and guarantees according to the protection and risk mitigation needs of each client.

Business insurance highlights:

Arko Health;

Accidents at work;

Car fleet;

Cargo transportation;


Multi-risk business protection;

Civil and professional liability

Contacts: + 258 21 499 071
Address: Maputo- Av. Armando Tivane, 56

Austral Insurance

Austral Seguros began operations in Mozambique more than a decade ago. It offers a wide range of insurance services, providing reliable and comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Business insurance highlighted:

Business insurance: this insurance covers a variety of risks that can affect daily operations, from damage to property to civil liability;

Liability Insurance: offers a service that covers a variety of situations, from property damage to bodily injury, providing peace of mind for business owners.

Transported Goods Insurance: offers cover for loss or damage during transportation, an essential solution for companies involved in logistics and commerce.

Contacts: +258 21 488 836

Cell: +258 84/82 303 9391


Address: Maputo- Av. do Zimbábwe, Nº 338, Bairro da Sommerschield.

Britam – insurance company of Mozambique

Britam is part of the Britam Holding PLC group, which is a leading diversified financial services group and is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. In Mozambique, the group offers the following services and businesses:

Machinery breakdown insurance;

Electronic equipment insurance;

Stock deterioration insurance;

Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance.

Contact: +258 84 306 8486

Address: Maputo- Av. Marginal, 406

Diamond Insurance

Diamond Seguros has been operating in the country since 2014 and stands out for its innovative risk management solutions.

Featured business services:

Liability insurance: Protects company assets against physical damage, theft and civil liability with Diamond’s comprehensive property insurance.

Contractors’ insurance: covers machine breakdown, deterioration in storage, all contracting risks.

Marine insurance: protects against damage to marine cargo.

All-risk insurance: this option is efficient for companies because it provides cover for loss, damage, interruption of business activities.

Workplace accident insurance: provides comprehensive cover for injuries and disabilities, guaranteeing the well-being of the workforce.

Contacts: +258 21 484 932

Cell: +258 82 002 2000


Address: Maputo-Av. Kenneth Kaunda 751 – Rua das Orquídeas, N. 118, sommershield

Manica- Bairro 3, Chimoio City.Sofala- Rua Arthur Canto de Rezende, Bairro Maquinino, Beira City.

Mozambican Insurance Company (EMOSE)

Founded in 1977 by the merger of the Nauticus, Lusitana and Tranquilidade Insurance Companies, EMOSE, S.A., monopolized the Mozambican insurance sector until 1991. In 1998, it became EMOSE, S.a.r.l, and in 2009, EMOSE, SA, changing its structure. Now 40 years old, it stands out in the provincial capitals, offering 35 insurance products in line with international standards. It is involved in significant projects, insuring works and assets in Mozambique.

Business insurance highlighted:

Multi-risk insurance: Guarantees compensation in the event of loss and/or damage to property (buildings and/or contents) resulting from covered risks;

Occupational accident insurance: Guarantees the employer’s liability for accidents occurring to its employees in the course of their professional activity;

Transport, engineering and aviation insurance: Guarantees compensation for loss and/or damage to works during the construction period, construction machinery, electronic equipment and complete engineering works.

Address: Maputo-Headquarters Av. 25 de Setembro

Unparalleled loyalty

Fidelidade, the market leader in Portugal, has expanded its presence in Mozambique by acquiring 70% of Seguradora Internacional Moçambique (SIM), operating under the Ímpar brand. This acquisition places Fidelidade among the top three insurers in Mozambique, broadening its product offering and strengthening local partnerships, such as with Millennium BIM.

Business insurance highlighted:

Accidents at work: covers medical expenses, pensions and other benefits related to accidents at work;

Machinery breakdown: provides protection against damage and failure of machinery essential to business operations;

Electronic equipment: protects electronic equipment against damage and loss.

Machinery: provides comprehensive cover for machinery, guaranteeing operational continuity;

Transported goods: minimizes logistical risks during the transport of goods,

Multi-risk: multi-faceted cover to protect against various contingencies;

Liability: guarantees against legal liability in a variety of situations.

Contacts: 800 800 088

WhatsApp: +258 84 320 7925


Website: :

Address-Maputo- Rua de Kassuende, n ͣ 210, bairro Polana cimento A,

Global Alliance Insurance

Since 2008, Global Alliance Seguros, SA, has been operating in Mozambique after merging with CGSM. In 2011, it grew from family to corporate management. It is currently part of Absa bank, consolidating its presence in the market.

Business insurance highlighted:

Occupational accident insurance: protects workers against accidents at work;

Fire insurance: protects against total or partial damage to property under the responsibility of the insured;

Goods in transit: provides comprehensive cover in the event of loss or damage to goods during transportation;

Insurance bank: provides partnerships with banking institutions,

Contacts Maputo: +258 21 49 31 10

Matola: +258 21 72 04 76

Beira: +258 23 320 054

Address: Maputo- Av. da Marginal, Parcela 141.

Hollard Mozambique

Hollard has been offering innovative products and quality services since it was founded in 1980. With a strong presence in Mozambique, Hollard stands out in the business sector, providing comprehensive solutions.

Business insurance highlighted:

Commercial and property insurance: this type of insurance provides comprehensive cover for tangible assets, guaranteeing the continuity of business operations;

Business insurance: this insurance provides protection covering aspects related to the management and operation of the company;

Specialized category insurance: offers specialized solutions that align with the unique challenges faced by specific sectors;

Corporate Travel Insurance: this insurance covers eventualities that may arise during corporate travel, ensuring peace of mind for employees and the company;

Contacts Maputo: +258 21 357 700


Horizonte Insurance

Horizonte Insurance is recognized for offering a comprehensive set of insurance solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clients. We highlight some of the main products offered by the insurer in the business sector:

Occupational accident insurance: Guarantees comprehensive cover for employees in the event of an accident in the workplace.

Car insurance: Offers compensation for damage caused to third parties as a result of accidents involving company vehicles, complying with legal obligations.

Multi-risk business insurance: Guarantees the replacement of assets in the event of fire, lightning strike or explosion, including additional cover negotiated individually.

Contractor’s insurance: Protects against accidents during the execution of works, including damage incurred during the installation or assembly of machinery, equipment and other installations.

Electronic equipment insurance: Offers “All Risks” cover for electronic equipment.

Seguro marítimo:Protege embarcações, equipamentos, transporte e carga utilizados no transporte marítimo.

Seguro de mercadoria em trânsito:Cobertura contra todos os riscos de perda ou danos à mercadoria durante o transporte, garantindo que os bens cheguem ao destino com segurança.

Contacts: Quelimane: 800 75 75 – Freephone

Maputo: 800 75 75 – Freephone

Address: Maputo- Av. Tomás Nduda

Imperial Insurance Moçambique

Imperial Insurance Moçambique, S.A. is a Mozambican company founded in 2015. The company was created to offer a wide range of conventional insurance, Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) and Corporate Risk Management (ERM) solutions to the insurance public.

Business insurance highlighted:

Business insurance;

Engineering insurance;

Marine cargo insurance;

Fleet insurance.

Contacts: +258 21 497 467



Indico Insurance

Operating in Mozambique since 2011, Índico Seguros stands out for the diversity and quality of the services and products it offers. It has consolidated its presence in the insurance market with innovation and excellence in the regular exercise of acts related to the acceptance and fulfillment of insurance contracts.

Outstanding Business Insurance:

Self-insurance: offers protection for company vehicles, providing comprehensive cover for damage, theft and civil liability;

Fire Insurance: covers material damage and provides financial recovery in adverse situations;

Engineering Insurance: offers comprehensive protection, securing developments from the initial phase to completion;

Liability: guarantees against legal liability in a variety of situations;

Insurance for SMEs: provides insurance tailored to your specific needs.

Contact: +258 84/825533

Website:: /

Address: Maputo 333/659, Avenida Bernabe Thawe.

Mozambique Insurance Company

Specializing in non-life insurance, the company offers a range of services that stand out for their excellence and commitment to protection.

Business insurance highlighted:

Insurance for SMEs: specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this insurance provides comprehensive coverage, addressing the various needs and challenges faced by smaller businesses.

Insurance for Businesses and Services: offers tailored solutions, protecting against risks and unforeseen events that could have a negative impact on business.


Maputo: +25821488950

Matola: +25821720355

Beira: +25823326805

Nampula: +25826219030

Endereço: Maputo. sede   Av. Kenneth Kaunda, 518 


Endereço: Parque dos Poetas, Loja 72

Endereço: Rua Major Serpa, 87 – Centro Comercial Bulha, R/C, Loja nº3

Endereço: Av. Eduardo Mondlane.

Palma Insurance Company

Palma Companhia de Seguros, SA, offers robust financial and asset protection for corporate clients.

Business insurance highlighted:

Car insurance: enables smooth, safe and careful journeys.

Business liability insurance: Safeguards against third-party claims, guaranteeing the company’s financial integrity in the face of possible litigation and legal liability.

Workplace accident insurance: Protection for employees against injuries or disabilities resulting from accidents in the workplace.

Surety or guarantee insurance: protects the beneficiary against non-compliance with obligations under a contract up to the limit of the guarantee.

Goods in transit insurance: provides security for goods during transit.

Electronic equipment insurance: offers protection against unforeseen events that cause malfunctions and physical damage to electronic equipment installed in a company.

Contacts: +258 21 422 551

Green Line: +258 800 422 422



Address: Maputo- N 1359, Av. Mao Tse Tung.

Phoenix insurance company of Mozambique

Phoenix Assurance Group is a dynamic financial powerhouse that operates short-term insurance in Africa, the group is also involved in microfinance in some African countries.

Business insurance highlighted:

Marine insurance;

Travel insurance;

Agricultural insurance;

Public liability insurance;

Livestock insurance;

Goods in transit insurance.


Address: Maputo- Av. Julius Nyerere, 914.

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