Friday, July 12, 2024

Gaza receives Chinese proposal for processing and exporting sesame

Chinese entrepreneurs have expressed interest in establishing a Sesame Processing and Export Center in Gaza province, making a significant contribution to the region’s agro-industrial sector. The proposal was formalized during the visit of a Chinese delegation to the province, led by the deputy governor of Ubei province.
The project, planned to be implemented near the Chongoene dock, aims to provide technical and technological support for sesame cultivation in Gaza. In the first phase, the Chinese businessmen are committed to providing qualified seeds and sharing knowledge about advanced production techniques, with the aim of boosting the commercial yield of this promising crop.

According to Radio Mozambique (RM), the Chinese businessmen have pledged to absorb all local sesame production, consolidating a partnership that promises to boost the region’s economy. They asked the provincial government of Gaza to promote the expansion of sesame cultivation among local producers.
The governor of Gaza, Margarida Mapandzene Chongo, in response to this initiative, assured the Chinese businessmen that the government is actively involved in promoting sesame cultivation throughout the territory, revealing that more than 300 hectares are being prepared for the production of this crop this year alone. The guarantee of a market in China strengthens the prospect of a more dynamic and sustainable agricultural sector.
Currently, Gaza province is already collaborating with Ubei province, focusing on the transfer of technology for rice production and processing. Expanding this partnership to include sesame promises to further diversify agro-industrial activities, creating opportunities for economic development and strengthening trade ties between Mozambique and China.

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