Friday, July 12, 2024

Niassa: work on 400 million meticais mini hydro plant completed

Construction work on the 479-kilowatt mini hydroelectric plant in the Meponda administrative post, Lichinga district, in Niassa province, has been completed, benefiting more than 1600 families this year with access to electricity. The investment totaled 400 million meticais.

According to Rádio Moçambique, the energy generated will be integrated into the national grid and expanded to the villages of Luawisse, Chilovelo, Chanje, Timba, Nchenule and Lundo.

Victor Raul, provincial delegate of the National Energy Fund (FUNAE), pointed out that the electrification is part of the national program to expand access to energy by 2030, benefiting especially remote communities. He also announced plans for new medium-voltage power stations.

Recently, the government reported that the “Energy for All” program has already reached 67% of the national electrification target, totaling 530,000 connections through various energy sources, with the expectation of reaching 100% by 2030.

During the period from 2018 to 2023, the electricity access rate increased to 54%, driven by off-grid solutions.

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