Monday, April 15, 2024

ROMPCO prepares to participate in Africa Energy Indaba 2024

The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO), a joint venture between the governments of South Africa, Mozambique and Sasol, is preparing to participate in the Africa Energy Indaba 2024. The focus of the participation will be to debate the reduction in gas supply and its impacts on African consumers.

According to the company’s CEO, Mlandzeni Boyce, the meeting will be an opportunity to discuss, together with government leaders, maximizing the value of natural resources in Africa and strategies to make gas supply more flexible for the most vulnerable.

“The industry faces significant challenges, including concerns about alternative gas supplies, high prices and uncertainties arising from the expected decline of the Pande and Temane gas fields,” said Boyce, as reported by Engineering News.

Boyce stressed that the private sector must play a key role in promoting partnerships and aggregating gas supplies, as in the Matola Floating Storage Gasification Unit (FSRU) project off the coast of Mozambique.

The CEO also pointed out that gas is more efficient than coal-fired thermal power and presents a greener alternative, in line with global efforts to reduce emissions. The integration of gas-to-power systems also prepares the grid for a growing share of renewable energy sources.

“ROMPCO’s strategy for 2024 involves partnering with gas suppliers and users to promptly seek alternative solutions and ensure a continuous and reliable supply of the product,” he said.

As well as being a participant, ROMPCO is a gold sponsor of the event, which will take place from March 5 to 7 in Cape Town. Several leaders from the industry and energy sectors, as well as government officials, politicians, innovators and stakeholders are expected to attend.


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