Sunday, May 26, 2024

Study reveals natural gas potential in Niassa’s Maniamba Basin

A group of scientists is studying the energy potential of the Maniamba Basin in Mozambique, which could be a great source of natural gas, according to a recent study published in the African Journal of Geology and reported by the news portal News Wise.

The Maniamba Basin, located in Niassa province, covers an area of eight million square kilometers and is considered a geological wonder. The Permian to Triassic rock layers in the basin contain mature organic material capable of producing natural gas.

Nelson Nhamutole, a PhD student at the University of the Witwatersrand, led the team of scientists who analyzed samples from four outcrops in the basin. Using scientific techniques, they assessed the organic richness of different rock types, including shale, claystone, sandstone and siltstone.

The scientists applied rock pyrolysis, a technique used in the oil industry to assess the hydrocarbon potential of rocks. They found a good to excellent total organic carbon content in the rocks of the Maniamba Basin, indicating a high potential for generating hydrocarbons.

The discovery of the Maniamba Basin’s potential is a significant step forward in energy exploration in Mozambique. The research highlights the need for further investigations to fully understand the basin’s potential.

Nelson Nhamutole emphasized the importance of combining various study techniques, including analysis of organic material, study of pollen and spores, observation of chemical fossils and analysis of elements, to better understand the site’s potential. He also stressed the importance of discovering the age of the rock layers in order to determine the potential more precisely.

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