Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ana Gunde leads new association to empower women in the insurance sector in Mozambique

The current managing director of Standard Insurance Brokers, Ana Gunde, was recently appointed executive director of the African Association of Women in Insurance (AIWA), representing Mozambique.

Since its creation in 1972, the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) has been a non-governmental foundation widely recognized by several African governments. As the largest insurance organization in Africa, the AIO has fostered key collaboration in various spheres, including the Africa Insurance Women Association (AIWA), an affiliate dedicated to uplifting and empowering women in the insurance sector in Africa.

Ana Gunde’s appointment follows her outstanding role in launching the project to create the Mozambican Association of Women in Insurance (AMMS), which aims to give visibility to women in the sector and is affiliated to the Mozambican Association of Insurers.

Speaking about the appointment, Ana Gunde stressed the lack of female representation in leadership positions in insurance companies, highlighting the need for a proactive approach to empowering and promoting women in the sector. On the other hand, she pointed out that even among brokers, the female presence is limited and the association will work in collaboration with the Mozambican Association of Insurers to develop succession plans that include women.

The executive director mentioned some of the challenges facing the Mozambican insurance market, such as the revision of regulations and the need to broaden the population’s knowledge of insurance. She also highlighted the importance of digitalization in the sector, especially the need for digital solutions that offer convenience to customers.

Ana Gunde, who was also appointed to represent Mozambique at African level, emphasized the importance of giving Mozambique visibility at international conferences, highlighting forums on climate change and its impact on insurance as one of the critical areas.

She also expressed optimism about the growth of the insurance market in Mozambique, but stressed the importance of reviewing regulations to allow the local market to have access to large insurance projects, which are currently predominantly negotiated outside the country.

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