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Ana Zara: “We are committed to innovation and banking excellence in Mozambique”

Marketing plays a fundamental role in the business sector, boosting the visibility, competitiveness and growth of companies by effectively connecting products and services with the needs and desires of consumers.

Speaking to Profile, Ana Zara gave her opinion on Superbrands Mozambique and highlighted the challenges and expectations of business marketing in the Mozambican context.

Profile Mozambique: How do you see branding evolving in Mozambique?

Ana Zara: In Mozambique, branding has been increasingly recognized as a fundamental strategy for strengthening brands, something that is also observed in several other countries. The arrival of Superbrands in the country represents a milestone in this sense, because by highlighting and valuing the best brands on the market, it not only reinforces the importance of branding, but also highlights the potential and quality of local companies, which consequently reflects positively on the country’s economy, by mentioning the diversity and quality of the products and services on offer.

PM: A good marketing strategy can be decisive for the success or failure of a brand. As BCI’s Marketing Director, what challenges do professionals face in the sector?

A.Z: As marketing professionals, we’ve identified some significant challenges for brands to gain a foothold in Portugal. One of the main ones is the creation and effective communication of brand identity. For example, BCI (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos), the challenge has always been to strengthen the essence of a brand that supports, creates bonds and connects all Mozambicans to the bank. For BCI, “Mozambicanness” is at the heart of all the campaigns, as it adds value to the brand, based on national identity and Mozambican pride. Another challenge is constantly adapting to changes in the market and consumer preferences. Brands, and specifically in the banking sector, need to be flexible in order to keep up with trends and innovations, ensuring that their marketing strategies are aligned with public expectations.

PM: There have been significant advances in the technology available to the banking industry and the entry of new players into this industry. Faced with these developments, how are you positioning yourself?

A.Z: Adapting to the digital age is essential for brands to reach the levels of excellence demanded in the national and international markets. Those that don’t adapt to digitalization run the risk of being left behind. One sector that exemplifies this need is banking, where adaptation to artificial intelligence is mandatory. Banking institutions that don’t incorporate technologies such as AI to improve operational efficiency, security and the customer experience will be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, digitalization is not just about technology, but also involves a change in mentality and organizational culture. Brands must be open to experimenting with new technologies and ways of interacting with customers.

PM: From a brand positioning point of view, what can we expect from BCI this year?

A.Z: BCI is always looking for banking innovations to meet the needs and expectations of its Customers. From a positioning point of view, we can look forward to more advertising projects that highlight the improvement of our financial services and create proximity with the Customer, promoting Mozambican pride and guaranteeing excellence. We are always concerned and attentive to evolution. As I’ve already mentioned, the focus is on continuing to be close to the customer and to be a bank that operates with a sense of pride that sets us apart. We want to continue to be the customer’s first choice of bank! For us, BCI is not just a bank, it is the bank of ALL Mozambicans.

We are a bank that is from here in its way of being, in everything it does and communicates, which sets us apart from the other main banking brands on the Mozambican market.

PM: Finally, what are your expectations of the 2024 edition of Superbrands?

A.Z: We have high expectations for this edition and are looking forward to a lot of innovation and evolution. Superbrands stands out for choosing the best brands on the market, and by participating as a board member, we automatically grow, gaining a broader view of the positioning of companies in Mozambique. We are talking about an organization that is internationally recognized for identifying and rewarding outstanding brands in different countries. In Mozambique, its contribution is significant to the recognition and promotion of local brands of excellence, both within the country and internationally. Superbrands’ contribution to the Mozambican business scene is definitely extremely important and can bring a number of tangible benefits to local brands and the country as a whole.

Firstly, by highlighting and recognizing Mozambican brands that position themselves for excellence in their respective sectors, Superbrands is not only offering deserved recognition, but also increasing their visibility and reputation. This can open doors to business opportunities and partnerships both inside and outside the country, putting these brands on a pedestal that attracts the attention of consumers and investors. In short, Superbrands plays an important role in promoting and recognizing excellent Mozambican brands, thus contributing to the country’s economic development and reputation!

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