Wednesday, February 21, 2024

BCI reinforces its commitment to supporting women in promoting financial inclusion

At a meeting held in the BCI auditorium last week, crucial topics were addressed regarding the challenges of financial inclusion and women’s empowerment. The event, organised by the FDC together with its partners, revisited the advances and obstacles related to women’s financial inclusion, especially after the first annual Women in the Economy Conference, which took place recently.
During the meeting, advances related to women’s financial inclusion were assessed, a diagnosis of the economic environment was carried out, identifying driving and inhibiting factors for the participation and financial autonomy of women and young people. In addition, the essential requirements for a formal, normal and dignified flow were discussed, with the aim of promoting emancipatory investments for women.

Ana Zara Fateally, BCI’s Central Marketing Director, reaffirmed the Bank’s commitment to supporting women, highlighting a series of programmes and solutions developed over the years. Fateally mentioned the BCI Women Entrepreneurs Programme, an initiative that prioritises training in management techniques, with the aim of increasing the skills and competences of women entrepreneurs. The aim is to make them more efficient in their activities, facilitating access to the financial instruments available in the business world.
“Today, the BCI maintains a clear position in recognising the strategic role and importance of women in all sectors and levels of economic activity in Mozambique,” said Fateally, reinforcing the Bank’s commitment to promoting female competitiveness and providing suitable conditions for them to carry out their professional duties.


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