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Elsa Matula: “When a brand becomes a Superbrand, it raises consumer desire”

The pre-launch event for the 6th edition of Superbrands Mozambique – an international and independent award dedicated to promoting branding policy and recognizing the excellence and positioning of brands in Mozambique – was held in Maputo.

During the ceremony, Profile spoke to Elsa Matula, a marketing and communications consultant who is also a board member of Superbrands. Matula believes that “when a brand becomes a Superbrand, it becomes more desirable to consumers, as the value of the brand plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions”.

Profile Mozambique: Who is Elsa Matula?

Elsa Matula: I am a Marketing and Communications Consultant and currently the administrator of the Media Club, an entity that aims to bring together media professionals, promote events related to all areas of Communication and connect stakeholders from various sectors, including brands. My professional career includes extensive experience as a consultant, having started my career managing one of the largest branding companies in Mozambique, StarTimes. For eight years, I acted as Marketing Director, contributing significantly to the development of the company’s communication, marketing and image.

I was given the challenge of leading the Media Club and since then I have dedicated my energy to this mission. I believe in the importance of the connection between media professionals, brands and other stakeholders, and I’m committed to promoting this interaction in a meaningful and productive way for everyone involved.

PM: What is your opinion of this platform that distinguishes the brands with the best performance and presentation in the Mozambican market?

EM: I think that Superbrands is an extremely interesting initiative that brings a great boost to the market. In the competitive world of brands, it is essential that they position themselves effectively. Although there are various studies and platforms dedicated to brands, Superbrands stands out by offering a unique stage where all brands, even those from the same sector, can participate, be evaluated, rated and awarded.

It is important to note that, apart from the consultants, it is the consumer who really defines the Superbrands. The survey values the opinion of the end consumer. You can even pay the best consumer in the world to say that a brand is a Superbrand, but if the end consumer doesn’t agree, it won’t be favorable. Therefore, in addition to the research and evaluation criteria, Superbrands offers a forum where brands can parade and show their potential, like in a real brand show.

PM: What should brands that haven’t been invited to this platform of distinction do to improve their chances of being selected in the future?

EM: I think it’s a question of strategy. Having a well-defined strategy, whether it’s considered good or bad, is crucial to achieving results and winning over more and more consumers. Brand awareness and positioning are key elements that directly influence this process.

I believe that if directors, managers, CEOs and supervisors of brands and products stand out in the market, this will enhance the brand as a whole. After all, what really matters is not just recognition by Superbrands, but the market’s perception of the brand and the value it offers consumers.

Therefore, if a brand stands out and adds genuine value to consumers, it will naturally be recognized by Superbrands. After all, it’s not enough to be a famous brand; it’s essential to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. When it comes to evaluation, this is the data that really matters.

In short, these are some of the criteria for classifying a brand and making it eligible for recognition by Superbrands.

PM: According to your experience, what is the disadvantage for companies that, even after 5, 10 or 15 years of existence, still don’t have a marketing or communications department? What can these companies lose in terms of competitive advantage and market presence?

EM: Marketing is a science, and like any science, some respect it while others do not. Some believe that they can manage their brands empirically, while others understand that it is necessary to adopt a scientific and strategic results-oriented approach.

However, it is important to emphasize that marketing is essential for any brand. It adds value because, without it, it is not possible to diagnose consumer needs. And if we can’t diagnose those needs, we won’t be able to satisfy them and become a Superbrand.

PM: Any final thoughts?

EM: I feel extremely honored to be part of Superbrands. Although I’m a modest participant among so many advisors, it’s gratifying to be able to contribute my experience. I see this challenge as a constantly evolving opportunity, which will certainly stimulate us throughout 2024.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage brands that don’t yet have communications, PR or marketing departments to find out about this noble initiative. Being recognized as a Superbrand in a market as competitive as Mozambique’s is extremely valuable, as it connects us directly with our end consumers.

When a brand becomes a Superbrand, it becomes more desirable to consumers, as brand value plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions. Therefore, being part of this select group is an achievement that will certainly boost the success of any brand in the Mozambican market.

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