Saturday, June 15, 2024

IACM invests 75.8 million meticais to modernize the aviation sector

Mozambique’s Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) is committed to preparing the country for emerging opportunities in the airline sector, as part of the World Bank-funded Southern Africa Connectivity Project. The project, worth 24 billion meticais (380 million dollars), aims to reduce trade and transportation costs and boost private investment along trade corridors, benefiting Malawi and Mozambique.

To achieve this goal, the Chairman of the IACM Board of Directors, João de Abreu, announced an ambitious master plan for the period 2025-37. Budgeted at 75.8 million meticais (1.2 million dollars), the plan will bring several innovations to the national aviation system, including a complete overhaul of the air transport policy, which has been outdated since 2011.

“The civil aviation system is crucial for strengthening the competitiveness of commercial and logistical corridors, facilitating the flow of passengers and high-value cargo,” explained de Abreu. He stressed the importance of the master plan as a premise of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and emphasized that its implementation is essential to align Mozambique with the desirable standards of development in the sector.

Consulting firm Ideaconsult International has been selected to develop Mozambique’s civil aviation master plan. Specializing in transport engineering, environmental, economic and social studies, Ideaconsult International brings with it a wealth of experience in large-scale projects.

IACM’s investment in the master plan represents a clear commitment to the future development of aviation in Mozambique, preparing the country to compete effectively on the regional and global aviation stage.

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