Feira Internacional do Turismo - uma aposta para exibição de potencialidades nacionais

Speaking at the event’s launch, the governor mentioned that this year’s edition of FIKANI 2022 is the first after a prolonged period that paralyzed the tourism industry internationally. Therefore, it should be the biggest bet for the exhibition of national potentialities and the resumption of the sector with vigor.

In this regard, Materula said that the challenge for all is to stimulate and engage the public-private sectors and rural communities to enter into partnerships to exploit the tourism opportunities of the region as a destination for the benefit of all.

FIKANI was launched in 2013, and is organized in a joint partnership between the Government of Mozambique and the private sector (Mozambican Federation of Tourism and Hospitality). It constitutes the highest and most prestigious business and meeting point between national tourism companies and institutions with their counterparts from the Southern region and other parts of the world.

This year, it will have 150 stands and 5000 visitors, and is expected to receive local and international tour operators and buyers from the region.

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The launch of FIKANI Mozambique comes at the start of World Tourism Week, which is being held under the slogan: “Rethinking Tourism”. The celebrations will peak on September 27.


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