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Interview with Damien Howard at the Mozambique Gas Summit

We spoke to Damien Howard, Vice President of Energy at DMG Events, about Mozambique Gas and Energy Summit and Exhibition. With 8 years of existence, this event has played an important role since the first announcements of the discovery of gas in Mozambique.

Under the motto “Developing the Integrated Sustainable Energy System of Mozambique”, the event took place in its 9th edition, in the Mozambican capital, Maputo, between the 27th and 28th of September 2023.

We find out how the event has helped connect Mozambicans and industry and provide networking opportunities for SMEs. Let’s learn more about Damien’s vision.

What were Mozambique’s highest points from MGSEE 2023 and what objectives were achieved?

The Mozambique Gas and Energy Summit is one of DMG’s oldest events. It has been fantastic to work, over the years, in partnership with ENH, and with the government to really understand the opportunities for the country.

For us, the aim has always been to ensure that the entire gas and energy value chain is represented. This is a platform in Mozambique for the international gas and energy community to interact with government project proponents, regionalplayers and of course, Mozambicans and local companies .

We strive to ensure that it is an entrepreneurial and innovative event, with value and purpose. I believe that the objectives are being achieved from this perspective.

How does this edition compare to previous years?

For the first time, the Mozambique Gas and Energy Summit and exhibition were sold out in terms of available exhibition space. For us, this is a significant indicator in several dimensions. First, it demonstrates that there is a growing appetite for investment in Mozambique. Secondly, that there are emerging opportunities in the energy sector, not just in gas and power. Finally, we also see an increase in opportunities in the areas of renewable energy and new energy.

The exhibition increased considerably, with a large influx of international delegates. In addition to the growth in exhibition, we also had more exhibition areas in countries such as France, the USA, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Our event attracted delegations from Congo, Tanzania and we also had important contingents from South Africa, Nigeria, UEA and the USA. These developments proved the success of this edition.

What is the impact of MGSEE on the industry both in Mozambique and across borders?

In the energy sector alone, DMG has around 180 conferences and exhibitions around the world, however, we try, whenever possible, to ensure that there is interconnection and interaction between all these conferences.

Whether in China, Dubai, Calgary or Maputo, we understand that there will always be opportunities for the development of energy projects, whether in investment, bidding, awarding or even learning.

We foster global interconnection between all Events. Our job is not just to provide the platform, but also to create opportunities between different nations, because the global energy industry is very interconnected.

For example, the Nigerian delegation we brought offered insights into the development of local content in the oil and gas industry. In Nigeria, local content has been enshrined in law for about 10 years. All these discussions help to elevate the global gas industry.

How do you foresee the future of MGSEE in Mozambique?

If, in 2012, we could have looked to 2023 and seen how far we have come, we would of course feel as we feel now: very proud and very excited. We’ve been there every step of the way, witnessing opportunities emerge and seeing them turn into tangible projects that are now being delivered.

But what’s beyond that? We are always striving to not only push our own limits and innovate, but also to really listen and understand our community, our audience.

From giving opportunities and rewarding entrepreneurs and small SMEs, promoting and giving a voice to the Women’s Forum in Energy to telling the success stories of professionals in the sector, MGSEE has been a platform for everyone.

As a future goal for our 10th event we would like to open an office in Mozambique. We already have local offices in Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria, so for us, this would be the best way to celebrate our 10th edition.


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