Friday, July 12, 2024

LAM restarts direct Maputo-Lisbon flights after 12-year hiatus

After a 12-year break, Mozambique Airlines (LAM) is redefining its trajectory with the relaunch of direct Maputo-Lisbon flights. The strategic partnership between LAM and Euro Atlântico, which will use a Boeing 777-200 aircraft, marks a new chapter in the company’s history.
The aircraft, with capacity for 320 passengers, will operate three flights a week, in line with LAM’s restructuring project. The operations, governed by a consortium, involve Euro Atlântico being paid for flight hours, while responsibility for other services falls to the Mozambican counterpart.
The initially majority Portuguese presence in the crew aims to be gradually balanced with the training of national cabin crew. The focus on revitalizing LAM also includes the operation of new regional routes, such as Maputo-Cape Town, now in operation.
The company has already sold approximately 12,000 tickets for trips between Maputo and Lisbon over the next six months. The positive response indicates a potential for overcoming losses in the first few months of international operation.
The flights, with prices starting at 25,000 meticais (368 euros) in economy class, connect the two capitals three times a week. The resumption of the Maputo-Lisbon route, abandoned 12 years ago, is part of the revitalization strategy following the entry of Fly Modern Ark (FMA) into LAM’s management.

In addition to the Maputo-Lisbon route, LAM plans to introduce new routes connecting Maputo to different points in South Africa, emphasizing diversification as part of its growth strategy.
LAM’s restructuring, marked by years of operational challenges, is seen as a crucial step towards revitalizing the company. Management believes that the diversification strategy, through international and regional routes, can fill internal gaps and boost the company’s consolidation path.

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