Thursday, July 18, 2024

Manica: agro-industrial company supplies agricultural inputs to four thousand producers in Báruè

Rádio Moçambique (RM) reported on Monday, January 8, that around four thousand producers in the district of Báruè, in Manica, are receiving assistance with agricultural inputs from an agro-industrial company located in central Mozambique. In addition, the company is providing support for the transportation of products from the production fields to the market.

This initiative aims to guarantee raw materials for the production of corn flour, an essential product on the national market. Jesus Sampaio, the company’s representative, pointed out that this strategy has generated positive results for both producers and the industry.

Sampaio also revealed that, for the current year, the company plans to purchase 26,000 tons of corn, a significant increase on the 18,000 tons purchased the previous year. In order to reach this target, it will be essential to improve production levels.

This partnership between the agro-industrial company and local producers not only benefits the economy of the Manica region, but also contributes to supplying the national market with maize flour, a fundamental product in the diet of many Mozambicans.

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