Thursday, July 18, 2024

Manica farmers achieve 500,000 tons of agricultural productivity

The authorities in the district of Sussundenga, in the central province of Manica, are celebrating a harvest of 500,000 tons of various crops in the period 2022 to 2023. With 9116 agricultural producers, the majority in the family sector, and a population of 168,000 inhabitants, the district is celebrating the abundance of cereals, oilseeds and vegetables, guaranteeing food security until the next agricultural season.

According to the Mozambican Information Agency (AIM), maize, sesame, bananas and other crops played a crucial role in the success of the agricultural campaign. The district administrator, Tomás Razão, attributed the success to the dedication of the farmers, especially those in the family sector. Thanks to surplus production, Sussundenga has sufficient reserves of cereals and other essential foodstuffs.

Razão highlighted the versatility of local production, ranging from the most commonly consumed foods, such as maize, to cash crops such as sesame, various fruits, legumes and vegetables. “Our district has an enviable potential for agriculture. Everything we put in the ground germinates and produces. As such, we are going to work and produce more food,” he said.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Sussundenga, and the district has already been recognized as the breadbasket of Manica province. Tomás Razão stressed the importance of continued commitment to maximizing this agricultural potential. The administrator expressed confidence in the future, highlighting the district’s capacity to sustain not only its food needs, but also to contribute to regional demands and beyond.

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