As part of the implementation of the BRILHO Program, SNV Mozambique has achieved by the first quarter of 2022 the installation of over 81,000 solar home systems and close to 30,000 improved cooking solutions from Rovuma to Maputo, representing a total of 550,000 Mozambicans in all provinces with access to electricity and thermal energy.

These data were presented by Javier Ayala, Energy Sector Leader of SNV Mozambique and Manager of the BRILHO program, at the Joaquim Conference Center, during the 8th Edition of the Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition (MMEC),

SNV believes that the private sector has a crucial role in achieving the goal of universal energy access by 2030. In this regard, it financially and technically supports business initiatives in order to mitigate risk and accelerate business initiatives that aim to achieve competitive commercial returns and provide affordable, quality energy solutions in emerging off-grid markets.

The SHINE Program as part of its mandate supports the creation and improvement of the business environment in the off-grid energy sector. In 2021, the program under the leadership of the Government of Mozambique (GoM), represented by MIREME, ARENE and FUNAE, supported the development of Mozambique’s first Off-Grid Energy Access Regulation, approved by the President and Council of Ministers through a national decree on September 14, 2021. Currently the program’s efforts in this area are focused on the development and operationalization of complementary technical regulations.

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Launched in 2019, the program has funding of around £29.3 million from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and aims to stimulate private sector provision of quality and affordable off-grid energy products and services to improve the lives of low-income people in Mozambique.

It is expected that with program by 2024, Mozambique will have access to quality energy through: Improved Cooking Solutions, including improved biomass kitchens, biogas, ethanol and electric stoves, benefiting 975,000 people; Off-Grid Electrification Solutions, including Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Mini Green Grids (GMG), benefiting 920,000 people; And Productive Use of Off-Grid Energy Solutions, benefiting 17,000 small commercial businesses.

About SNV Mozambique

SNV, Dutch Development Organization is an NGO that works directly with vulnerable communities as well as with government and the private sector in 24 countries, aiming to increase people’s income and access to basic services in the Agriculture, Energy and Water sectors. Present in Mozambique since 1995, SNV has impacted more than 6 million people throughout the country.

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Implemented by SNV, SHINE is a 5-year program, with national coverage, that will catalyze the off-grid energy market in Mozambique by promoting and supporting business initiatives that can provide clean and affordable energy solutions to the population and businesses in a competitive and sustainable manner. BRILHO is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).


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