Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mozambique plans to supply 5.5 GW of regional energy demand by 2030

During the Mozambique-Italy Business Forum, held on Monday, June 3, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), António Manda, highlighted that Mozambique plans to supply up to 5.5 GW of regional energy demand by 2030.

Manda emphasized Mozambique’s strategic position as a potential key supplier in the region, due to its vast natural resources and investments in energy infrastructure. He stressed that the country is committed not only to natural gas, but also to renewable energies, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric, in order to diversify the energy matrix and ensure long-term sustainability.

Mozambique’s efforts to improve logistics and transportation infrastructure, which are essential for the flow of energy and resources, and the importance of agricultural transformation, which depends on accessible and reliable energy for its growth, were also highlighted.

The Forum, which included the participation of the European Union and the Mozambican government, promoted discussions on the energy, infrastructure, logistics, construction and agricultural transformation sectors between Mozambique and Italy, with the aim of guaranteeing security for Italian investors in the country.

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