Thursday, July 18, 2024

Mozambique sends ship to help dredge Guinea-Bissau port

Guinea-Bissau’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Pinto Pereira, announced on Tuesday, June 25, that Mozambique is prepared to send a ship in the next two or three months to help dredge the Commercial Port of Bissau.

During the state visit by Guinean President Umaro Sissoco Embaló to Mozambique, Pinto Pereira highlighted the cooperation between the two countries in various areas. According to him, the Mozambican government has committed itself not only to cleaning up the Port of Bissau, which has not been dredged for over 40 years, but also to business partnerships and training Guinean staff.

Pereira compared the efficiency of the Port of Maputo, the most efficient in southern Africa, with the Port of Bissau, highlighting the ability to clear containers in five minutes compared to 19 hours in South Africa. He also mentioned that port workers from Bissau and students will soon be sent for training at the Port of Maputo.

In addition to assistance in the port area, Mozambique has offered support through its police academy, nursing school and training for Guinea-Bissau public administration personnel. During Embaló’s visit, they also discussed the collaboration of Mozambican entrepreneurs in the processing of cashew nuts in Guinea-Bissau.

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