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See the ranking of the ten largest companies in Mozambique in 2023

In the ranking of the 100 largest companies in Mozambique – 2023, the study conducted by KPMG Auditores e Consultores, SA and its business partners, for the 2022 financial year, indicates that Grindrod Mozambique, Lda was chosen as the best company in Mozambique with a total of 485 points.
Based in the Port of Maputo, Grindrod Mozambique Limitada (GML) is an exporter of sized coal for the Turkish domestic market and Iron Oxide/Magnetite and currently has a production capacity of 4 million tons per year.

Next in line was First Capital Bank, SA with 468 points, followed by UBA – United Bank for Africa, SA with 453 points.

Grindrod Mozambique, Lda, as the best company, obtained the following scores for the established criteria: Positive and remarkable turnover growth of around 355% for 98 points. For the rate of Return on Turnover it obtained 84 points and Equity 96 points.

In terms of Financial Autonomy, the company scored around 40 points and in terms of the company’s ability to meet its commitments, it had a General Liquidity Index of 71 points.

The highest rate of growth in turnover was achieved by Cotur, Lda with an atypical positive rate of around 10,766% followed by Grindrod Mozambique, Lda with 355% preceded by Prestige Trading, Lda with 326%.

In terms of Return on Turnover for the companies in the top 100 ranking, Motraco, SARL and Matola Cargo Terminal, SARL lead the way, both with 48%, CMA CGM Mozambique, Lda with 45% and BIM – Banco Internacional de Moçambique, SA with 43%.

On the other hand, looking at Return on Equity, the leading companies were the new entries RGB Logistic, Lda and Cotur,Lda with around 248.32% and 122.05% respectively, followed by Grindrod Mozambique, Lda with 116.12%.

As for General Liquidity, Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa, SARL, Mozal, SARL preceded by Cornelder de Moçambique, SA lead the ranking with 26.12%, 5.09% and 4.48% respectively.

Taking into account the individualized analysis, in relation to the rate of turnover growth per employee, Cotur, Lda, Prestige Trading, Lda and Puma Energy Moçambique, Lda, lead this ranking with 10,765.83%, 326.04% and 317.99%, respectively.

It should be noted that the main objective of the Top 100 Companies survey is to promote a transparent and competitive business environment, analyzing and rewarding the excellence of the main players in each sector in Mozambique, through various indicators based mainly on financial performance and growth.

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