Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sino-Mozambican cooperation boosts infrastructure development in Mozambique

China continues to be one of the main financiers and builders of essential infrastructure for Mozambique’s progress. Emblematic projects such as the Maputo-KaTembe bridge and the Maputo ring road stand out as milestones in Sino-Mozambican cooperation, boosting the country’s development.

In recent years, Chinese cooperation has resulted in significant advances in the Mozambican infrastructure sector. The National Road Number Six (EN6), which connects Beira to Machipanda, and the rehabilitation of the railways are concrete examples of this support.

According to the Mozambican delegate to the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macau, Francisca Reino, China plays a crucial role in the country’s development, being responsible for the construction of much of Mozambique’s infrastructure. She highlights the strategic importance of the EN1, which links Maputo to Rovuma, but also points out the challenges that this road is currently facing.

In addition to infrastructure, the Mozambican representative points to agriculture, industry and tourism as sectors in which cooperation with China is fundamental. She also highlights the measures adopted by the Mozambican government to promote a favorable business environment and attract foreign direct investment.

Building infrastructure is seen as the first step in boosting Mozambique’s economic development, reducing external dependence and fighting poverty. The partnership with China has been essential in this process, covering not only infrastructure, but also key sectors of the Mozambican economy.


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