Saturday, June 15, 2024

Transport Minister calls for dialogue to resolve telecom tariff disputes

The government, represented by the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, made an appeal for dialogue on Thursday (16), seeking to resolve the controversies arising from the new tariffs set by telecommunications operators in Mozambique. The minister invited all interested parties to take part in constructive discussions during the National Communications Conference, held in Maputo on the 16th and 17th.

The new tariffs measure has generated dissatisfaction among consumers, especially after the elimination of unlimited packages, resulting in an increase in costs for telecommunications services in the country. Alexandre Bacião, executive director of the ProConsumer association, reported a significant increase in complaints since the beginning of May, mainly highlighting the impact on mobile data packages.

Faced with the challenges, Minister Mateus Magala emphasized the importance of finding a balance between the demands of the telecommunications regulator and the rights of consumers. The debate was open to various entities, including academia, civil society. government and the private sector.

Meanwhile, Mozambican activists have called a national march for Saturday (18), protesting against the new tariffs and demanding the repeal of the resolution establishing the minimum tariffs. Misa Mozambique and other organizations have also called for the tariffs to be revoked, claiming that they violate the rights of Mozambicans.

Mozambique’s National Telecommunications Institute (INCM) had announced that new tariffs would come into force from May 4, with the aim of making telecommunications services more affordable on average. The issue is being discussed at the National Communications Conference, organized by the INCM, bringing together experts, companies in the sector, regulators, academics and civil society to explore solutions to boost the sustainable growth of the communications sector in Mozambique.

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