The Minister of Economy and Finance, revealed that the first export of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production plant project at sea, in the Rovuma basin, is scheduled for the beginning of October. Max Tonela was speaking on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the African Development Bank (ADB) in Accra.

“The platform is already in Mozambican waters. It is in the process of being installed and connected to the six wells. We expect production to start gradually (…) and the first export operation to take place at the beginning of October this year,” when the platform will be operating at full capacity.

According to Tonela, this advance, “will already contribute to an increase in revenues, particularly from exports. Regarding the process interrupted by the terrorist action, the minister said that “there is work going on with the concessionaires, the Government is in permanent contact.

The Rovuma project, led by Total, was the largest private investment in Africa until it was suspended in March due to armed attacks in Cabo Delgado.


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