Friday, July 12, 2024

Inhambane announces start of export of heavy sands from Jangamo in 2024

Inhambane province is about to mark a significant milestone with the start of processing and exporting heavy sands from the Jangamo district next year. Mutamba Mineral Sands SA, which is responsible for the project, is currently in the final stages of building a processing platform with an impressive capacity of 120 tons per hour.
The ambitious project covers an area of 25,000 hectares in the districts of Jangamo and Inharrime, with mineral reserves estimated at four billion tons. The total investment in the project exceeds ten million dollars and covers not only the processing infrastructure, but also the resettlement of sixty-one local families, along with the appropriate compensation.
The managing director of Mutamba Mineral Sands SA, Guilherme de Melo, revealed that one of the crucial challenges facing the company is related to the transportation of ore from Jangamo to the export ports. This issue was discussed during the second day of the III Inhambane Province Investment Conference, held last Friday.

The economic potential of this venture is significant, not just for the Inhambane region, but for the whole country. The export of heavy sands will not only promote local economic growth, but will also provide employment opportunities and sustainable development.
This project stands out as a fundamental piece in the chessboard of mineral development in Mozambique. With state-of-the-art processing infrastructure, Mutamba Mineral Sands SA is positioned to play a crucial role in the international minerals market, contributing to the country’s economic diversification.
The start of processing and exporting heavy sands from Jangamo represents not only an achievement for Inhambane’s mineral industry, but also an important step towards the economic strengthening of the region and the country.

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