Thursday, July 18, 2024

Lack of port makes exporting heavy sands from Chibuto in Gaza more expensive

The export of heavy sands from Chibuto, a region located in Gaza province, is facing significant challenges due to the lack of a suitable port to transport production. The Chinese company Ding Sheng Minerals, SA, which operates the local mine, expressed its concerns to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, during his recent visit to the facility.
The mine managers highlighted the logistical constraints that negatively impact the export of their products, attributing them to high costs and the considerable distance to the port of Maputo. Minister Silvino Moreno encouraged the company to seek quick and innovative solutions to overcome these logistical challenges, recognizing the crucial importance of efficient logistics for successful exports.
The minister suggested that the Chinese mining company consider building its own infrastructure in the maritime zone, establishing an exclusive port for its exports. In August, Ding Sheng Minerals revealed that more than 506,000 tons of ore, including 500,000 tons of titanium and 6,000 tons of zirconium, were being stored at the company due to the difficulties faced by the high costs of road transportation to the port of Maputo, from where they leave for Asia.

The Executive has expressed support for this proposal, pledging to work with the company to overcome obstacles and promote economic development. The suggestion of a specific port for the Chinese mining company would not only solve immediate logistical challenges, but would also strengthen its competitive position in the international market.
Silvino Moreno stressed that the government, in line with its vision of boosting the economy, is open to collaborating and supporting initiatives that promote innovation and sustainable growth in the country’s industrial sector. However, with a view to boosting the local economy, the minister recommended that the company consider processing the raw material internally, rather than exporting it in its raw state.
The proposal not only addresses the immediate logistical challenges, but also highlights the government’s commitment to sustainable economic development and promoting competitiveness on the global stage.

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