Thursday, July 18, 2024

Maputo’s cereal industry worried about smuggling

The industry producing cereals and their derivatives in Maputo province is alarmed by the entry of smuggled goods from South Africa, which is contributing to unfair competition in the domestic market. Foreign maize flour, which is considered less recommended for consumption, is being sold on the domestic market at prices below those in the country.

According to information published by Rádio Moçambique (RM), the representative of the MEREC group, Gilberto Macuácua, expressed this concern during a meeting with the Secretary of State in Maputo province. He pointed out that smuggled flour arrives in Maputo at below-market prices, putting not only fair competition at risk, but also public health, as it does not meet local health standards.

In response, Secretary of State Judite Mussácula urged Mozambican industry to prioritize domestic raw materials as a way of reducing dependence on imports and boosting the country’s economy. She emphasized the importance of increasing local production and encouraged collaboration with farmers’ associations to promote national production.

The concern of the cereal industry in Maputo about the smuggling of maize flour from South Africa highlights the challenges faced by the sector in maintaining fair competition and guaranteeing the quality of the products available on the Mozambican market. The call to prioritize local production as a solution to these problems underscores the importance of policies that encourage the sustainable development of the food industry in Mozambique.

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