Thursday, July 18, 2024

Mining company Vulcan builds 200 houses to resettle families in Moatize

Vulcan, a company operating in the mining sector, started an important construction project in January. It involves the construction of 200 new homes to be used for the resettlement of families in the village of Nhamitsatsi, located in the Moatize district of Tete province. These houses are intended to provide new homes for families currently living in areas affected by the coal project led by the multinational Vulcan Moçambique.

According to information published by Rádio Moçambique (RM), the investment for the construction of the houses has not been publicly revealed, but it is estimated that the project will last approximately 12 months. Leonardo Xerinda, a representative of Vulcan Moçambique, highlighted the importance of this project for the local community and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to carrying out the construction in a responsible manner and within the established deadlines.

The official launch of the construction of the houses was attended by the Secretary of State for Tete, Elisa Zacarias, who took the opportunity to stress the importance of meeting the deadline for delivering the homes to the families. She also emphasized the need to guarantee the quality of the constructions, with a view to providing adequate housing conditions for the resettled families.

The project to build the 200 houses represents a significant step for Vulcan Mozambique in fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities. As well as contributing to the development of the Moatize region, this initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting the well-being of the communities impacted by its operations.

With the construction of the new homes underway, the expectation is that the resettled families will be able to count on better housing conditions and quality of life, providing a lasting positive impact for the Tete region.

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