Sunday, May 26, 2024

LAM launches new service exclusively dedicated to cargo transportation

Mozambique Airlines (LAM) has opened a new chapter in its 44-year operation by launching exclusive cargo transportation in March 2024, with a capacity of 17 tons per flight. This innovative service aims to respond to the growing demand from the national business community for efficient logistics solutions.

It is a long-awaited transportation service, which will come into effect in March. It will exclusively transport cargo and two trips are planned to each provincial capital, with the exception of Tete, with one.

This flight, the only one so far, has the capacity to fly 3,500 km without landing. Its viability will depend on the support of the private sector.

Unlocking Opportunities

The introduction of this service represents an agile response to the dynamic needs of the market, allowing for flexibility and continuous adaptation. The viability of exclusive cargo transportation will depend on the adoption and support of the private sector, highlighting the importance of collaboration between companies and the government for the success of the project. This launch marks a significant step in the modernization and diversification of the services offered by LAM, contributing to the country’s logistics infrastructure and strengthening its position as a regional hub.

According to the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Hamilton Alissone, “the success of this new operation depends on the reaction of the business community and the support it has. With this in mind, we urge LAM to continue with the work underway and to be attentive to any adjustments that the market may require. The market has demanded rapid transportation services for food products, medicines, building materials, household appliances and car parts.”

Implications and future prospects

Exclusive cargo transportation opens up new opportunities for the business sector, enabling the fast and efficient transportation of a variety of essential products, from food and medicine to building materials and car parts. The strategic partnership with the National Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management demonstrates LAM’s commitment to social responsibility and providing assistance in emergency situations.

According to the Director of Fly Modern Ark, the aircraft will add value to the country. “This is the first cargo plane to be introduced to Mozambique Airlines. LAM has a long history in cargo transportation, but has never dedicated itself to air cargo services.”

The market demands fast transportation services for food products, medicines, construction materials and equipment, household appliances, car parts and other goods. To the business community and other economic players, here is the answer. The conditions have been created for the flexible movement of fragile or rapidly perishable cargo, including emergency operations.

Building a Sustainable Future

As well as boosting the economy and promoting regional development, the introduction of exclusive cargo transportation by LAM reinforces its commitment to sustainability and resilience in the face of environmental and social challenges.

As a kick-off, LAM offered the National Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management a voucher to transport a ton of products to help the victims of tropical storm Filipo, which has hit Sofala and the south of the country.

LAM has a long history in cargo handling, but has never had a launch like this in the past and the success of this service is based on the contribution of companies, pharmacists, traders and the response of the market.

LAM currently has 11 other aircraft for cargo transport, including a Boeing 737-700 NG with a hold capacity of five tons, three Bombardier Q 400s with a hold capacity of 1.5 tons, three Bombardier CRJ 900s with a hold capacity of 2.5 tons, three Embraer 145s with a hold capacity of 1.2 tons, a Boeing 777-200 ER with a hold capacity of 04 tons and a Boeing 777-200 ER with a hold capacity of 4 tons.

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