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“BCI’s client portfolio exceeds 2.3 million with a bank account and more than 4 million with a bank and mobile account”, Diogo Bragança.

Diogo Bragança, central operations manager at Banco Comercial e de Investimentos (BCI), addressed the importance of financial and digital literacy during his speech at the 2nd edition of Conferências Índico, on the theme “Insurance Market in Mozambique: Getting the Mega-Projects Right”. He stressed that although the debate on the legal framework for local content is relevant, attention should be focused on more fundamental issues, such as promoting financial literacy.

Bragança highlighted the crucial role that BCI plays in Mozambique’s economic and social development, with an important mission to generate growth and contribute to families and communities in general. With a client portfolio of more than 2.3 million with a bank account and more than 4 million with a bank and mobile account, BCI, like other systemic banks, takes on the responsibility of promoting financial literacy in the communities.

The director also emphasized BCI’s efforts to promote financial literacy by implementing digital channels to facilitate customer transactions. He explained that the incorporation of digital offers allows customers to carry out transactions without filling in forms, using data already in the bank’s database.

Also in this vein, the source defends the urgent need for banks to take advantage of technology to promote financial literacy, recognizing that, despite the low level of interactivity with technology in some areas, communities are advanced and can benefit significantly from these advances.

The BCI, as a systemic financial institution, remains committed to boosting the country’s economic and social development by facilitating access to and understanding of financial services by local communities.

It should be noted that the event provided a valuable platform to discuss and reflect on the future of the insurance market in Mozambique, bringing together professionals and experts from the sector.


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